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Proposed California bill threatens to revoke doctors’ licenses for contradicting state messaging

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In California, work is underway by lawmakers described by some as “Orwellian” to push two new Covid bills – one that would deal with “misinformation” around the epidemic and the virus coming from doctors, and another whose goal is to promote censorship by internet platforms.

Critics say that the motive behind the Assembly Bill 2098, introduced by two Democrats, is to prevent doctors from speaking freely, whether about Covid treatment or on issues directly affecting their patients.

We obtained a copy of the bill for you here.

California Assembly Bill 2098 was introduced by Evan Low with the goal of stopping doctors – physicians and surgeons – from speaking in favor of the benefits of Covid treatment using some off-label drugs, and from questioning the vaccine safety.

It isn’t unusual at all for a medication intended to cure one condition to then be found to also help treat something else. This is not a secret or a controversial topic at all – except when it comes to Covid.

There, from mainstream media to the federal government, the suppression of the use of off-label drugs in early Covid treatment has been ongoing for two years, despite evidence of their benefits and state-level attempts, such as what happened in Florida, to allow their use.

But in California, the new proposed bill considers doctors who are exploring these options to be disseminating misinformation and conducting themselves unprofessionally.

The proposed bill even justifies itself by quoting (unnamed) “major news outlets” who have concluded that the most dangerous spreaders of Covid misinformation are – healthcare professionals. Another thing that the bill aims to stop is doctors telling their patients that if they have acquired natural immunity, they don’t need to get the vaccine as well.

If passed, the law would lead to disciplinary measures by the Medical Board of California or the Osteopathic Medical Board of California.

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