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Canada: “Liberal” MPs support new internet censorship bill where “hurtful” content is targeted

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“Liberal” MPs in Canada have expressed support for the government’s proposed internet censorship legislation. They went further to propose the appointment of a “Digital Safety Commissioner” who would be responsible for investigating complaints about “hurtful” content to be reported by users anonymously.

According to a report on Blacklock’s Reporter, Federal Liberal MPs have endorsed Trudeau’s internet censorship plans, on condition that there will be “proper due process” for those accused of posting “hurtful content.”

Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith insisted that the government should “ensure that there is public process or due process.”He added: “Fundamentally we need a public due process system to manage takedown by large companies.”

Internet censorship and online harassment are some of the top things the Trudeau administration is focusing on. The government started with Bill C-10, which focused on policing “user-generated content” on social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. The bill did not pass before the end of the last parliamentary session because of opposition from conservatives.

Now Trudeau’s former Minister for Heritage Steven Guilbeault has proposed a new internet censorship bill. He said the new bill “is going to be controversial.”

“People think that C-10 was controversial. Wait until we table this legislation,” he added.

The new bill proposes social media companies to be held liable for “hurtful content” on their platforms. It also seeks to enable Canadians to anonymously complain about hurtful content to have it taken down.

However, the government is yet to define the term “hurtful.”

Under current laws, so-called “hate speech” is illegal.

Attacking the new bill, Conservative MP Michael Chong said: “I can say clearly that we don’t support censorship. We don’t support restrictions on freedom of the press.”

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