Canada: Trudeau says he’ll support businesses sued for forcing vaccine passports

Doubling down.

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The Trudeau government announced last month that it was considering mandating vaccination passports for federal public servants and employees in federally regulated industries.

Now the government has announced that it is backing businesses that are worried about being sued for forcing vaccine passports.

The move in August was in an effort “to get as many Canadians vaccinated as possible” – the requirement for COVID-19 vaccines has now extended to many organizations such as airlines and the government, creating a civil liberties controversy.

While campaigning in Welland for the upcoming federal election, Trudeau said:

“We’ve simply said that we will be there, to have those businesses’ back as they do the right thing. There are a number of different ways that the Justice Department is looking at ensuring that they do not have to fear being sued for demanding that people be vaccinated,” the Canadian Prime Minister said.

“But we will make sure that we’re helping them know that they’re doing the right thing and know that we’ll have their backs as they do it, following up,” Trudeau continued.

A business will be able to demand proof of protection against COVID-19 without worrying about facing a “legal challenge,” according to the Liberal Party of Canada’s election program.

According to the Liberal Party, vaccine passports will be required for domestic air, train, and boat travel in October in line with Trudeau’s earlier announcement.

The Liberal Party platform also reads that “Proof of vaccination systems give people the confidence of knowing that others around them are fully vaccinated. They also help drive increased vaccination rates and give Canadians confidence that it’s safe to go to restaurants, shops, and out into their communities.”

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