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Professor fired for blog posts doubting “systemic racism” is allowed to return

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Last year, Rima Azar, a professor of health psychology at Canada’s Mount Allison University, was suspended without pay over personal blog posts where she used what were described as “unkind words,” calling Black Lives Matter a “radical group,” and cast doubt on the existence of systemic racism.

Not only was she suspended but she was also forced to attend diversity, equity, and inclusion training.

The university’s student union president said it was “unprofessional to comment on students’ beliefs” and that students have a “right to a safe learning environment.”

The Mount Allison Black Students’ Union had called for Azar’s termination, arguing that it was “disappointing and offensive to have our experiences ridiculed by an accredited professor.”

Arbitration hearings into the issue were held earlier this year behind closed doors. The result of the hearings was Azar getting her job back.

In a joint statement, Azar and Mount Allison University said that “all matters in dispute between them have been resolved.”

“All parties have agreed that fostering a respectful and inclusive learning environment — one which also recognizes academic freedom — is of the utmost importance,” the statement added.

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