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Candace Owens’ readers suggest Amazon employees are damaging copies of her book

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Political commentator and author Candace Owens has alleged Amazon employees may be damaging copies of her book as it’s sold to customers. She says that the copies of her recent book “Blackout” were found damaged when bought from Amazon with Vaseline smeared across the books. Owens took to Twitter and called out the Big Tech e-commerce company writing:

“Dear @amazon. About 1,000 people have written to let me know that your employees appear to be stomping on and in this case, smearing Vaseline on my books before mailing them. I know it must have pained you to ship out all 90,000 copies you had in stock— but this is unacceptable.”

Owens also ended up posting pictures of her book that were allegedly smeared with Vaseline.

“The pettiness will do nothing to thwart sales. Let’s try to get the next 100,000 that I plan to sell out of your warehouse, treated with a bit more respect by the looney lefties packing the product, please,” tweeted Owens.

“This is probably intentional, however, about one out of every 5-6 books I buy from Amazon are sent damaged & most are not controversial. So I send them back & get a replacement. Too bad considering books & Bezos’ love of books is how Amazon got it’s start. I ordered on Day One!” wrote one user.

Whether it is Amazon’s overall poor handling of books at large, regardless of who the author happens to be, or concentrated efforts to thwart the sales of the book and punish Owens, based on the current cultural war, the latter seems like a more compelling argument to those who received damaged books.

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