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Trump’s meme master Carpe Donktum announces new platform, blocked by Facebook within hours

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On August 20, a user who goes by the name of Carpe Donktum on Twitter announced the launch of a new website –

It promises to bring together some of the most popular and creative meme-makers on the web to one place, offer contests and prizes and will add new creators and features going forward.

So far so good, you might say. However, all this was not enough to stop Facebook from banning the site mere hours after it launched – something that Carpe Donktum document in another tweet.

Other users confirmed that was blocked on Facebook Messenger.

The reason? Facebook said the link to the website could not be shared because it went against its community standards – but the social media giant did not explain to the user what standards had already been violated by posting the link.

The real reason? Could be that President Donald Trump is a fan of Carpe Donktum and likes to share his memes. Just in general, the new memes aggregator site features pro-conservative memes.

In fact, Carpe Donktum is a very prominent Trump supporter in the world of social media. In July, he was invited to a White House social media summit, convened by the president.

This meme master and several of his colleagues argued at the event that conservative voices are being censored by big online players – who use tools such as demonetization, shadow banning, doxing, and deplatforming to achieve their goals.

And the latest move made by Facebook to block the sharing of links leading to the nascent website will no doubt add more credibility to those claims.

In another tweet on Wednesday, Carpe Donktum said that besides Facebook, Twitter was also throwing some wrenches in the works of the new projects by blocking link previews – but thanked his fans who, in his words, showed “amazing support.”

The site, meanwhile, offers memes in recent and popular categories, announces contests, and showcases creators. The memes can be liked, commented on, and shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. At least for now.

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