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China is trying to export its internet censorship setup

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According to a paper published by the International Cyber Policy Center, China is actively working on exporting its internet censorship model (the Great Firewall) to other countries. China’s internet censorship model is by far the most restrictive in the world.

The International Cyber Policy Center’s Australian Strategic Policy Institute published a paper titled, “China’s cyber vision: How the Cyberspace Administration of China is building a new consensus on global internet governance.”

The paper begins by highlighting how the Chinese government views policing the internet as very important. Through data security guidelines that prevent Chinese data from leaving its borders and cracking down on tech giants, the Chinese government has proven that it can control the internet within its territory.

The government also censors any site it views as problematic through the Great Firewall. Additionally, it has passed multiple rules to further police online behavior, like the recently passed rule banning celebrities from showing off their wealth.

According to the paper, China is also actively sharing its internet policing practices with other countries. The country has been working to “enact policies jointly with international governments and companies on mechanisms to co-govern the global internet, or at least growing national segments of it, while reshaping global norms and standards based on the model of the CCP’s approach domestically.”

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, subscribe to Reclaim The Net.

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