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Chris Martin, John Legend and more put on free livestreams encouraging people stay at home

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The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the general public. With most people being asked to avoid public gatherings, coupled with theaters and other similar avenues shut, the options for entertainment seem to thin out.

However, celebrities such as Chris Martin have been replacing their live shows with free performances on livestreams.

Here are a few ways in which musicians are creatively tackling ‘social distancing’ and keeping their fans happy and encourage them to stay at home.

Chris Martin

Chris Martin was among the first few musicians to take to the internet and perform a live rendition of several songs, some his and some from other contemporaries.

He was also popularizing the hashtag #TogetherAtHome, a concept introduced to alleviate loneliness associated with staying quarantined at home while spreading a feeling of togetherness. Martin’s 30-minute live performance straight out of his residence made many of his fans happy.

John Legend

After Chris Martin invited John Legend to take up the initiative of #TogetherAtHome, the singer and songwriter went on and live-streamed for 53 minutes while playing several popular numbers.

Halfway through his livestream, his wife Chrissy Teigen and daughter Luna joined in too. Much like Martin, Legend also took up song requests and invited fellow musicians Charlie Puth and Miguel to take up the initiative.


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Unlike the typical and rustic livestream sessions, Yungblud took things further as they spent 72 hours in planning a full-blown live performance on YouTube.

What’s more, the performance not only included musical renditions, but also Q&As with guests such as MGK, Oliver Tree, and Bella Thorne.

Keith Urban

While not all musicians played with the intent to propagate the hashtag #TogetherAtHome, they nonetheless played music from the comfort of a limited audience to keep their fans entertained.

In this case, the Australian singer and songwriter Keith Urban took to social media and streamed his live performance, with only a single audience in the background – Nicole Kidman.

Several others such as Ben Gibbard, Christine and the Queens, and Luke Combs have also streamed similar performances. In times where social gatherings are shunned, artists reaching out to their fans and providing them an opportunity to stay at home is likely to be popular.

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