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Clearview AI: Ohio’s Ongoing Use of a Controversial Photo-Collection Firm for Facial Recognition Searches

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Despite facing substantial civil-liberties concerns, Ohio has chosen to forge ahead with its utilization of facial-recognition software in state crime investigations. This decision could see the technology in use until at least 2025, courting help from a company with a contentious track record.

Clearview AI, the facial-recognition software company, has come under fire numerous times due to its alleged unauthorized accumulation of vast quantities of photos.

A fresh two-year agreement between Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost’s office and Clearview AI was inked last September and has now been made public, marking a significant shift in the state’s stance on facial-recognition tech. The newly established $38,780 deal facilitates access for up to 25 members of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to utilize Clearview’s considerable database for their facial-recognition probes.

Boasting billions of photos relinked from publicly accessible resources such as news media, mugshots, not to mention, social media platforms, the company’s database is an extensive one.

Clearview AI, a facial recognition software firm, has incessantly come under the scanner for various lawsuits detailing allegations it has hoarded mass amounts of images without requisite permissions.

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