Hillary Clinton is still blaming Facebook for helping Trump spread “outright lies about Democrats”

Clinton added that, “even though these posts violate Facebook’s stated terms of service, they’re still up.”

Former presidential candidate Hilary Clinton yesterday criticized Facebook for allowing the Trump administration’s reelection campaign to thrive on the social networking platform.

During the conference entitled “In Defense of American Democracy,” held at George Washington University, Clinton outlined what she termed as “very disturbing”.

According to Clinton, the Trump campaign has already begun to spend lots of money on Facebook every week to allegedly spread what sees are lies about Democrats. Clinton also said that the Trump administration has been doing this since 2017 but it heightened recently as the 2020 presidential election comes close.

“The Trump campaign is already spending hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook each week to spread fake endorsements and outright lies about Democrats,” she said. “They have been doing this since after the 2017 inauguration, but it’s getting at an even higher velocity now.”

Clinton added that, “even though these posts violate Facebook’s stated terms of service, they’re still up.”

“Facebook is still paid for them. And the people who are targeted to receive them still believe them,” she said.

Rallying further, Clinton recalled this year's Nancy Pelosi slowed-down video scandal. “Remember what happened to Nancy Pelosi a few months ago?” the former presidential candidate added. “Somebody spliced words from different presentations, put them together, and presented them as though it were real. And think how hard it was to convince the major tech platforms — who admitted it was fake — to take it down.”

She continued, “Some did, but many did not. And their answer — in particular Facebook’s answer — was: ‘Well, we’re going to let people decide for themselves.’ How can you decide for yourself when what is presented is blatantly false and manufactured?”

Arnold Zafra

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