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Threatening Wikipedia edit appeared days before the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting

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Eight days prior to the STEM School Highlands Ranch shootings, an anonymous edit on the school’s Wikipedia page alluded to a future shooting at the school. While the edit was deleted, one can still see the changes on the edit history. An IP address lookup reveals that the IP address traces back to Littleton, Colorado where the shootings took place.

A mass shooting took place after two individuals opened fire at the STEM School Highlands Ranch at Colorado this Tuesday. Several students were injured and one student was killed.

“In 2018, anti-suicide programs were implemented to try to lower chances of suicide and school shootings,” read the original text on STEM school’s Wikipedia page. It is the last sentence appearing in the ‘History’ section of the school’s Wikipedia page. Someone from Colorado anonymously edited the above sentence and added the phrase –“Do they work? We shall see.”

After the shootings took place, several people tweeted about the incident while pointing at the Wikipedia edit. The IP address from which the individual edited the Wikipedia page is available to the public. The IP address traces back to Littleton, Colorado, the same region as where the shooting took place. A spokesperson from Wikipedia said that they were currently looking into the matter.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office tweeted on Tuesday about the suspects, progress, and casualties at the incident. Two shooters are suspected and taken into custody. While one of them is an adult male, the other individual is a juvenile female. Both the individuals were a part of the STEM school. The Sheriff’s Office also added that there were no other suspects and that they were working on getting search warrants for searching the suspects’ homes and the suspect’s vehicle at school. Eight students were found injured and several students are in a critical condition.

The law enforcement authorities initially misidentified one of the suspects to be a juvenile male when it was actually a juvenile female. All the victims were found to be above 15 years of age and the deceased individual was an 18-year-old male who was about to graduate in 3 days from the date of shooting. Eight miles away from the STEM school is the Columbine High School where a mass shooting in 1999 left 13 students dead.

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