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30 times a comedian pretended to be “Customer Support” to hilariously troll clueless customers

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Comedian Wesley Metcalfe pretends to be part of the customer service staff of different companies to get the most hilarious reactions from people and is one of the best trolls on the internet right now.

Social media has become a way for companies to have personal communication with their customers. Through fan pages, they can promote their products or even receive complaints in case of disagreements.

Comedian Wesley Metcalfe, better known as The Amazing Troll Man, considers this a unique opportunity to make people laugh.

The comedian has a unique way of trolling: posing as the customer service of major companies on their social networks.

Lord of the Rings fans will appreciate this reference.

If you think your life is difficult because corn beef did not come complete, remember that Will Smith had a worse time in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

There is no need to be rude when cleaning your shoes.

If you insult the company staff, don’t expect serious responses.

Chocolate factories were funnier in the past, although not necessarily safer.

Bad smells when buying food are not pleasant, but knowing the origin of the stink can be even worse.

Remember that by writing in capital letters you will not be served faster.

Who would expect to find Eminem’s alter ego working for Sky?

Some people do not understand that there are mothers who are proud to be homemakers.

Remember to test your garden tools when buying them.

Fast food is not synonymous with “ready as soon as you buy it”.

Taken’s monologue works for any dramatic situation.

What’s worse than finding a store closed? Being a victim of The Amazing Troll Man.

Good employees are not found every day.

Talking about that time of the month is great for a stand-up comedy, but not so ideal if you work in customer service.

Narnia’s new sequel sounds promising.

There is nothing that surgery cannot solve.

Cinderella is not the only person who forgets her slippers.

Fishing out of the water is also difficult.

Two out of eight people do not eat meat for different reasons.

No need to threaten to eat at the competition.

The suggestion was good, the implementation not so much.

Trolls don’t care who you are in real life.

Some things are better to keep as company secrets.
It is important to see the ground when walking.

Perhaps the best way to place a complaint about the staff is directly in the store and not on a Facebook page.

When people are happy, nothing can ruin the moment, not even bad words.

It takes a lot of cleverness to find anagrams on customer names, and if they’re wrong who cares.

If you do not find clothes of your size, there are always other stores to visit.

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