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Developers admit concern that Google could quit Stadia at any time

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Gwen Frey, a developer of the Kine Puzzles game that will debut in the Stadia streaming game service, commented on the concern that Google could close it at any time like other past projects.

It’s a possibility based on their history

The quality of Stadia as a service is not questioned – at least not until more people have had a chance to use it; however, this has not prevented some developers from fearing that, at any time, Google could decide to close the service as it has done before as with Google+, IoT on Android, Google Allo, and the list goes on.

During the interview with Games Industry Biz, Frey said that few developers deny that games through streaming is a step into the future, nor do they believe that the idea is a failure; in fact, many believe that it will be the standard, especially with the newer 5g mobile internet speeds.

The problem that afflicts them at the moment is that Stadia is a Google service, and they could simply close it as in past cases. However, Frey said that this does not have to be the case with Stadia, noting that today, many of the products she uses in her day to day are from Google, attesting that there are also very successful cases.

According to the words of Stadia Director of Product Andrey Doronichev, Google’s level of commitment to this new technology is comparable to what they have with Gmail. He also indicated, “There is nothing I can say now to make you believe in my words” recognizing the skepticism that exists in the market, but promised that in a short time and with enough investment, we will see that Stadia will grow and prevail.

Building the foundations for the future

Frey believes that there is always a need for people willing to take risks in the field of technology that they must be prepared to fail, but this is necessary to improve until the desired result is achieved.

The developer of Kine also believes that we should not be surprised if Stadia has a slow start since it is currently difficult to enter the video game market with an already established console base. Although Frey promises that the possibilities that cloud gaming brings have already given developers unique ideas to create different experiences.

“I don’t think Google intends to have a very strong start, but that they want to progress little by little to see how far they can go,” Frey said. She also took the opportunity to indicate that we are facing a technology that is currently not likely to be used to the fullest, but sees a great future with the arrival of better internet connections, greater commercialization of mobile devices, and even sees great potential in places where internet cafes are extremely popular.

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