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Disney Is Criticized For Installing “Disney Alexas” In Hotel Rooms

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Walt Disney World announced that it would install a Disney Magical Companion, colloquially dubbed Disney Alexas, in each hotel room. The move started with a test in select rooms at Disney Vacation Club locations.

The Disney Alexas can allow guests to order room service, set alarms, play music, and inform guests of special events and park hours. The devices can also allow children to hear messages from characters like Mickey, Goofy, and Donald.

Recent guests shared their experience and opinions about the devices in a Reddit post. Some were excited about the technology while some raised privacy concerns.

“Can it be turned off? I would prefer not to have this in my room,” one user posted.

Another user wrote, “I think it’s fair to not want to find mics or cameras in your hotel room…you’re supposed to have the illusion of privacy.”

Another user complained about their kids ordering room service through the device.

“They’re going to have to figure out a better system. My 5 year old has already ordered a bunch of towels, a bellhop, and tried to order room service.”

Others noted that the device is not necessary as most of the things it does can be done through a smartphone.

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