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Donald Trump Jr. Calls Out Big Tech Hypocrisy In Powerful Opinion Piece

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Donald Trump Jr. has called out big tech companies for reaching a level of hypocrisy that beggars belief in a powerful Fox News opinion piece.

In the piece, he covers big tech’s censorship of conservatives, their hypocritical support of net neutrality, and the “learn to code” meme.

On big tech’s censorship of conservatives:

In an effort to get what they want, big tech companies have reached a level of hypocrisy that beggars belief.

The same companies that shamelessly censor conservatives and tilt public discourse in the left’s favor have suddenly decided they’re into “free expression.”

On big tech’s hypocritical support of net neutrality:

“Net neutrality” is a fake controversy, ginned up to give cover for certain tech giants wanting to save some money at the expense of some other, slightly less massive companies.

On the “learn to code” meme:

In a shocking indication of just how deep liberal journalists’ self-important victim complex goes, they tried to claim it was all a “hate” campaign aimed at “harassing” them. They tattled to Big Tech to come save them and Twitter quickly obliged by suspending accounts that engaged in the light-hearted trolling.

Sorry, Twitter, but the “free speech” schtick just isn’t credible when you’re simultaneously suspending people for a joke that made a few liberal journalists feel badly.

It’s great to see Donald Trump Jr. directly call out big tech companies and highlighting multiple clear examples of how they use their market dominance to unfairly censor users and attempt to push through legislation that supports their interests.

Censorship, in particular, is a huge problem that’s thankfully starting to get more attention from high profile people. Last year, President Trump directly called out censorship on social media and recently the Joe Rogan podcast with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was ratioed for failing to properly address the issue of censorship on Twitter.

Donald Trump’s tweet on the dangers of censorship.
Source: – @realDonaldTrump

More people are waking up to the issue of social media censorship every day and this increased scrutiny should hopefully pressure these big tech companies to be more accountable and start applying fair, consistent standards to all their users.

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