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EA bans Pro FIFA player Kurt’s new account

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After a first permanent ban by EA, Kurt Fenech, better known as Kurt0411, received another ban on a new alternative account just a few days after its creation.

Kurt0411 was a professional FIFA player with a great impact on the world of esports.

He became the second most important streamer of the game, but due to what EA said was his “aggressive behavior”, his career was drastically ended.

After multiple disputes in which Kurt was accused of verbally threatening FIFA’s developers, distributor EA decided on February 24 to expel him from the competitive world, to ban his account, and finally prohibit him from playing EA games permanently.

“I have not threatened anyone,” Kurt said at the time. “There is not a single example of me threatening anyone.”

Kurt says he thought that the banning measure was only related to his main account, so he posted a video on YouTube indicating that he was ready to continue his career, and subsequently tried to broadcast live using an alternative account.

However, everything indicates that EA is taking the ban seriously, since on March 2 the new account was also banned.

Complaints against EA

Although Kurt did not believe that EA would ban him with a different account, his attitude during the recent stream indicated that he was waiting for a ban notification at any time.

On the morning of March 3, he discovered that he had been banned, so he had to cancel the stream he had scheduled. He was also dissatisfied with EA’s decision to ban his secondary account even though he had already obtained 15,000 simultaneous spectators.

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Kurt has not indicated whether he will continue to open alternative accounts to try to overcome EA restrictions.

After the former professional described the developers as incompetent, the company said they would not tolerate this attitude, since they are looking to create fun and threat-free communities.

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