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EA Games leaks personal information of over 1,600 pro FIFA players

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Game publisher and developer Electronic Arts (EA) is already in a compromising position with gamers due to the problematic launch of the latest entry in the FIFA Franchise, FIFA 2020, which sadly (but not unexpected) came with several issues and bugs in its game modes and features.

EA Sports has already responded to the player outcry over FIFA 2020 and detailed the upcoming fixes to the game, but now they have a new issue among hands. As it turns out, the company just leaked the data of over 1,600 FIFA competitive players on the game’s website.

Over 1,600 users had their online data leaked

The FIFA 2020 Global Series is an online competitive tournament where players can participate to put their skill to the test and become verified FUT Champions. However, they first need to sign up through EA’s website, which due to a supposed glitch leaked the information of over 1,600 players on October 3rd.

This glitch was quickly spotted by the FIFA community and, according to the people affected, they could see data from other players on the form fields of their own application for the event.

This data included things like email address, ID, country of residence, and birthday.

The issue was taken to Twitter and reported to the company, which swiftly took down the website 30 minutes after its launch. Nonetheless, 1,600 players had already submitted their application by the time EA took action.

This is an alarming situation, as data leaks tend to lend themselves for doxing, mass-harvesting of data and tracking down the real-world identity of the participants, which in this case, are professional players in its majority.

EA has already issued a statement apologizing for the situation and reassuring its compromise to protect the privacy of its customers.

Additionally, the company said that they will be getting in contact with affected users to take further action.

The company confirmed that the registration will re-open in the coming days. For the time being, the EA SPORTS FIFA 2020 Global Series page only displays the description of the event and how to participate, but not the option to sign up.

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