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East Palestine, Ohio, introduces medical digital ID

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East Palestine, a small town in Ohio that has come to national prominence after a recent environmental disaster when a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed more than two weeks ago, is about to roll out a medical device equipped with a form of digital ID called MyID.

MyID is a medical information system that is supposed to help first responders when someone is unresponsive. Users have to first upload their personal medical information onto the system.

“It gives us that rapid information that we may need should somebody be unresponsive or having some kind of medical emergency,” said East Palestine Fire Chief Keith Drabick during an announcement.

The MyID devices will be key FOBs or wearable devices with QR codes that first responders can scan with a camera to access vital medical information like allergies, underlying medical conditions, and emergency contacts. Authorities insist the system is HIPPA compliant.

“We’re not doing this to gain anybody’s information; to try and steal anybody’s information. We’re doing this to help the public in medical emergencies,” Drabick said.

“You know, instead of us opening up a bracelet and pulling out a little piece of paper that has that information on or trying to read some kind of engraving on a bracelet, we can now scan it so that all that information pops up,” Drabick said.

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