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Employee fired from Anaconda Mining after former classmate reports Facebook comments

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The Canada-based Anaconda Mining company has fired an employee over Facebook posts.

It all started when the now-former employee of Anaconda Mining made posts on Facebook and his former classmate, Devon Bryan disagreed with the comments and, as is often the case in today’s cancel culture, took the issue to his employer. The individual that was fired from the company is, for the time being, remaining anonymous.

“BLM is now Burn, Loot & Murder (pass it on)” and “F**k BLM bullshit,” read the comments made by the individual who was fired by Anaconda Mining.

Discussing the interactions and the events that led up to his former classmate’s employment termination, Bryan said that he initially approached his former classmate to discuss the comments he made. But after receiving “abusive” messages in return, Bryan decided to retaliate and escalate the issue to his employers, CBC reported.

“You can’t expect to represent your professional life and hold these extreme opinions and express them freely without repercussion, because once you represent your place of work on social media, it’s no longer a completely private page anymore,” Bryan said.

As a result, Bryan ended up tagging Anaconda Mining in a Facebook post and called them up to discuss his former classmate’s comments. The company, much like several other organizations in the recent past, ended up taking the issue seriously and fired the individual.

While Anaconda Mining did not publicly acknowledge the real reason why it fired its employee, it simply said that the issue was “regarding private employment relationships.”

According to CBC, the friends and family of the former employee of Anaconda Mining expressed that he was facing financial turbulence after losing employment.

“I do feel terribly that, you know, I’m causing a whole family stress. But at the bottom line, that’s completely on him,” said Bryan.

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