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Pinterest bias whistleblower Eric Cochran joins Project Veritas, will be helping to recruit more whistleblowers

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Project Veritas seems to be gaining momentum in its push to expose political and ideological bias that many conservatives believe Big Tech companies espouse, ahead of what looks to be shaping up as a giant political battle for the 2020 US elections.

“Veritas” is the Latin word for “truth” and also the name of the “goddess of truth” in the Roman mythology – and the US non-profit that took its name states its goals to be exposing corruption, and, “welcoming” whistleblowers and insiders.

And the latest insider to be welcomed comes from Pinterest, Project Veritas announced.

According to the Veritas, former Pinterest employee Eric Cochran is the second tech industry insider to join the organization.

Project Veritas said Cochran would work to “support its efforts in recruiting insiders in technology, media, government, and education.”

According to Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, the purpose is to help ensure the trust of future insiders willing to shed light on “corruption, fraud, and abuse.”

For his part, Cochran said he was joining the organization in the hope of “continuing to make a positive impact in our country and culture” and of encouraging others like him in making Big Tech and others responsible for their actions.

Now – you might be wondering how Pinterest – by and large viewed as a harmless online pinboard for sharing images and social bookmarking – even managed to get itself into the censorship game.

The company is not one of the most influential tech giants out there – but its business and influence has been growing, and its leadership is readily praised by the liberal portion of the US tech media as the role-model the likes of Facebook – now being browbeaten into “moderating” content harder and faster – should aspire towards.

But in June, Project Veritas said it received leaked documents alleging that Pinterest was censoring pro-life and Christian content.

Project Veritas is running its “Be Brave” campaign that has resulted in investigative reports based on insider testimonies from Facebook, Chase Bank, Pinterest, and Google employees.

Most recently, the organization caused quite a stir with an investigative report combining insider testimony, leaked documents, and undercover footage that painted a damning picture of Google as a tech giant hell-bent on stifling conservative expression on the internet.

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