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Facebook warns users not to talk about a link between 5G and COVID-19 or it’ll be deleted

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While the coronavirus has been a raging problem in recent times, conspiracy theories have become just as viral.

The latest coronavirus ruckus involves a conspiracy theory, mainly spread in the UK, surrounding 5G, stating that there’s a relationship between the 5G rollout and the coronavirus.

Several of the conspiracy theory subscribers ended up setting 5G masts ablaze, resulting in 5G service providers “politely” asking people to not run amok and set their towers on fire.

Based on BBC’s reports, three masts, in locations Birmingham, Liverpool, and Melling in Merseyside were set on fire so far.

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The four major 5G carriers of the UK issued a joint statement highlighting the importance of reception and signal coverage in desperate times, and how setting masts on fire will only make things worse.

“Our networks provide essential connectivity to our emergency services and the NHS; they enable families to check in on their isolated or vulnerable loved ones; parents to teach their children from home; and millions to be informed and entertained as they stay home,” read a part of their statement. “Please help us to make this stop. If you witness abuse of our key workers please report it. If you see misinformation, please call it out. Your help will make a real difference”.

But social media platforms such as Facebook, in the wake of the “5G on fire” outbreak, said that they were working to remove posts that suggest there’s a link between 5G networks and COVID-19.

“Facing pressure from the government and a showdown with ministers, Facebook announced on Monday that it would start to actively remove false claims that linked COVID-19 to 5G and could lead to physical harm,” Reuters reports.

YouTube too, said that it would work to remove all 5G and Coronavirus related conspiracy content from the platform.

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