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Facebook bans Fighting For Our Children “QAnon” groups

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Facebook’s crackdown on “QAnon” is continuing as the social media platform has suspended several Scottish groups based on the report by The Ferret.

The Ferret recently launched an “investigation” into QAnon activity in Scotland and found several Facebook pages and groups that were actively engaging in conversations about QAnon. The outlet decided to report the group to Facebook.

Although the news outlet reported several pages and groups with QAnon activists to Facebook, only some were taken down by the big tech giant.

Stand Up For Our Children, a Facebook group known to organize the first ever QAnon rally in Scotland was recently taken down by Facebook. Even Save Our Children Scotland and Fighting For Our Children has also been removed.

Facebook has even gone to the lengths of terminating the accounts of individuals who have led QAnon movements and started groups or pages in support of QAnon. Laura Ward, for instance, who heads the Freedom for the Children UK (FFTCUK), has gotten her Facebook account suspended.

FFTCUK, however, denies being associated with QAnon. Although Facebook suspended Ward’s account, it hasn’t taken down the official campaign page and group of the organization with more than 13,000 members. Ward returned to Facebook with a new account and has been reinstated as the admin of FFTCUK again. “It’s going to be a lot harder with just 150 friends on my page,” said Ward in a Facebook live.

Pages such as Fighting For Our Children have started operating backup accounts fearing Facebook’s banning spree. What’s more, some users and QAnon supporters are also urging others to consider migrating to an alternative platform instead of Facebook.

As of now, at least one out of every 10 Americans in a poll conducted on 15,000 people revealed that they are QAnon supporters and 56% of Republicans have expressed support for at least some aspects of the QAnon movement.

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