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Facebook refuses to run ads for movie screening of “No Safe Spaces” unless the host labels itself as partisan

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Facebook has recently rejected an advertisement for a screening of the film ‘No Safe Spaces’ by Dennis Prager as the host of the screening event had refused to identify the event as “partisan.” As the host refused to answer a few intrusive questions posed by Facebook, the advertisement was rejected.

However, Facebook’s spokesperson said that they would approve the advertisement if the host will accept to comply with their demands.

The screening of Dennis Prager’s latest film is scheduled at a California charter school. Facebook said that the school has to identify itself with a political affiliation for the ads to run. The school’s CEO Matt Beaudreau that they refused to identify the event as “partisan” as the school is not a political entity.

“Facebook said if we don’t disclose a political affiliation the ads won’t run. But we’re a nonpartisan school. We’re not a political entity. We’re not going to do that. We have as many parents who are Democrats as we have who are Republicans. The whole purpose of the event is to show that people can put politics aside and have civil debate,” said Beaudreau.

No Safe Spaces stars Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager who are popular conservative personalities on the internet. On top of that, the movie also leans to the right and criticizes the liberal college students on the grounds of discarding any other notion that differs from their view. The Acton Placer Academy, the charter school hosting this event said that it is interested in the ‘free speech’ angle in this movie.

Upon knowing Facebook’s decision to reject advertisements for the screening, Dennis Prager said, “Unlike liberals, who always valued and fought to protect free speech, leftists have never valued free speech. And the left controls the avenues of information on the Internet. That’s what this is about.”

A spokesperson from Facebook said that they shall allow the advertisement to run on Facebook if they are allowed to display a disclosure with the advertisement which states that the school paid for the advertisement. Facebook said that it was committed to transparency, and it was required for the school to comply with their guidelines for them to approve the ad.

The screening on June 22nd includes an introduction from a comedian and chat show host Dave Rubin.

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