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In March, Facebook censored around 25 million posts in India

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On Tuesday, Meta published a compliance report that revealed it had censored 24.6 million posts from Facebook and 2.7 million posts on Instagram by Indian users in the month of March alone.

In May 2021, India enforced controversial internet regulation rules requiring online platforms to “publish a monthly compliance report with details of complaints received and actions taken.” Meta’s March compliance report was released on Tuesday.

We obtained a copy of the latest report for you here.

In a statement to The Times of India, Meta said: “The report describes our efforts to remove harmful content from Facebook and Instagram, and demonstrates our continued commitment to making Facebook and Instagram safe and inclusive.

“We use a combination of artificial intelligence, reports from our community, and review by our teams to identify and review content against our policies.”

According to the reports, the company received 656 reports through the “Indian grievance system” for Facebook, and 1,150 for Instagram. It responded to all reports. The other millions of pieces of content that were censored were flagged by human reviewers and automated systems.

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