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Facebook deletes pro-police “Back the Blue” event page

Facebook is accused of selective censorship after allowing other protest groups to organize on the platform.

Law Enforcement Today is set to hold the largest pro-police rally in Long Island on July 25. However, has deleted the events page without any explanation.

Speaking on Friday’s episode of Fox and Friends First, the spokesperson of Law Enforcement Today, Kyle Reyes, said, “We had more than 6,300 people who had already RSVP’d to the event on Facebook. And as of last night, Facebook took down the page with no explanation.”

Reyes said he was surprised that Facebook took down the event’s page. “Now we know that Facebook has taken down the pages of other rallies and events over the last six months. We just didn’t expect it to happen with the Back the Blue event.”

Asked the reason behind the event, Reyes said, “We are doing this because somebody has to. You know, there’s an old quote, ‘Evil triumphs when good men and women do nothing.’ And we were sick and tired of good men and women doing nothing.”

Law Enforcement Today is a pro-police advocacy group founded by Captain Robert Greenberg. The organization has a news website reporting first-hand accounts of what police officers go through when implementing the law. The group expects attendance for the Saturday rally to be more than 10,000.

The purpose of this rally is to remind people of the importance of supporting the police and it is not clear why Facebook deleted the Page.

Facebook has previously shut down protest pages, especially during this pandemic. The social platform has already claimed that it does not allow events that defy the government’s social distancing recommendations.

Facebook was this year accused of censorship after purging groups who were protesting against lockdowns and mandatory mask wearing.

However, Reyes notes that groups such as Smash Racism DC and All Out DC continue to promote their events on Facebook and some of these events also break the social distancing and curfew rules.

Defend free speech and individual liberty online. 

Push back against big tech and media gatekeepers.