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Facebook pressured to censor more climate change skepticism

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Last year in May, Facebook said it would ramp up its censorship on climate change skepticism. But now, according to a report by nonprofit advocacy group Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) (who also now branch out and call for censorship of climate change misinformation?) the company has not adequately delivered on that promise and should do more.

Facebook said it would add “information labels” to posts about climate change, directing users to authoritative sources in the “Climate Science Information Center.”

On Wednesday, the CCDH released a report that found that the platform only labeled half of the posts with “misinformation” from the top climate change skepticism publishers.

Last November, the CCDH published another report that identified the top ten publishers promoting climate change denial, and branded them “The Toxic Ten.”

The research found that these ten publishers, including Breitbart, The Daily Wire, and Newsmax, are responsible for 69% of the climate change skepticism content on Facebook.

In the research published Wednesday, CCDH claims that 50.5% of the most popular climate change denial posts from these ten publishers did not have the so-called information labels. These posts accounted for 53% of the total engagement of all the articles that were analyzed.

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