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Facebook suspends account of film maker documenting peaceful protest highlights

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Facebook banned a man from Sandusky, Ohio, from the platform. Jason Layhue was banned from Facebook after posting a short video covering the events of a peaceful George Floyd protest in Sandusky.

Jayson came to the realization he was no longer a member of Facebook on June 3. The three and a half minute video is a documentary that captured some of the most inspiring moments during the protest. Before Facebook removed it, it had more than 54k views.

Jason Layhue owns a small media company, The Shooter Films, which covers many projects including recaps of basketball and football games at Sandusky High School. Layhue, who is also a father of five, did not understand why Facebook removed him.

“It said that I had violated policies,” Layhue said, to the Sandusky Register. “But I don’t know what that could be. I have never been in ‘Facebook Jail.’ I engineered the music session myself,” suggesting the issue wasn’t copyright-related.

Layhue, however, did have a theory for the removal of the video. He feels Facebook removed the video because it did not line up with the beliefs of the social media company.

The George Floyd protest in Sandusky was among the few rallies that did not end with looting and riots. The 1,500 protesters started the march at Schade-Mylander Plaza. During the four-hour-long rally, halting traffic was the only law protesters broke.

Layhue’s video captures some of the most powerful moments during the rally.

Layhue told the Sandusky Register that it was a day was proud of. “I strategically shot it in black in white, as I wanted it to feel like the 1960s, (to draw a parallel) to what was going on with the riots in the 1960s. We have to change systematic racism. That’s been a part of black life from the second we stepped in this country.”

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