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Former Twitter exec calls for President Trump to be silenced until after the election

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A former Big Tech executive openly calls for the censorship of President Trump till the election is over as he has allegedly been using social media platforms as a “dangerous bullhorn for causing chaos.”

Peter D. Greenberger has headed political advertising at both Google and Twitter in the past.

In a column he wrote for The Washington Post on October 19 titled “I ran political advertising for Twitter. It’s time for platforms to mute Trump,” he said that the incumbent president needs to be silenced across social media. While on one end, Big Tech claims to be neutral or apolitical, we have their former executive openly vouching for censorship on the other end.

“Increasingly, though, he is using these powerful digital platforms not only to communicate a message, nor even to send dog whistles to loyal supporters, but also as a dangerous bullhorn for causing chaos,” wrote Greenberger.

Shockingly, Greenberger says that President Trump must be censored even if it infringes free speech. “Twitter and Facebook must muzzle Trump as the election nears.”

It is worth noting that Greenberger has served in key positions throughout his career. He apparently “launched and led the first political advertising team at Google in 2007 before joining Twitter to do the same in 2011.”

He says that Trump had managed to “embrace” social media and only a few have been able to do as well as Trump has. Moreover, Greenberger says that Big Tech has already taken measures to censor content posted by “Trump and his supporters.”

“But now, Twitter, Google and Facebook each have implemented escalating policies seeking to contain the damage largely caused by Trump and his supporters. It’s clear they haven’t yet solved the problem.”

Greenberger makes his case for censoring President Trump by saying that there was a need for a “cooling-off period” for “the one candidate whose apparent sole motivation is to sow chaos and confusion around the ongoing election.”

All things said and done, Greenberger’s blatant calls for censorship is no surprise considering how Twitter is already censoring posts constantly across the platform, even of the President.

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