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Fox 10 News host slams those who criticize her for using alternative social platform: “F*ck them”

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The Emmy-award winning anchor for Fox 10 News, Kari Lake dropped the F-bomb in a leaked video after she was asked by her superiors to hide her account on a free speech social media platform Parler to avoid bad press from left-wing news outlets. “F*ck them,” she said.

While Lake was preparing for a Facebook live session, her co-host John Hook told her about how her station managers wanted her to hide her account on Parler.

She then dropped the f-bomb in her condemnation of the idea that people could control what platforms she joins.

Her co-host Hook initially began addressing his bosses’ message by indicating that Parler was branded as a “far-right” place – followed by which, he added that the management didn’t want her tied to any organization as such. He said that the news outlet feared getting blowback from predominantly left-wing news houses such as The Phoenix New Times.

She responded by saying, “F*ck them. They’re 20-year old dopes. That’s a rag for selling marijuana ads.” Hook then responded by saying that she was in a position where either the organization or herself were to explain her association with Parler. Lake replied by saying that she was “reaching” people.

The whole incident began when FTV Live, “THE TV News Insider website” wrote about Lake’s presence on Parler and pointed out to how she had included her Parler handle’s username on her Twitter bio. It was portrayed as if a mere account on a social media platform was an evil thing in itself.

Lake wasn’t found in her usual 5 pm slot. Insider information has it that her comment was directed at the director of Fox 10 News, but not the management, as reported by FTV Live. As of now, Lake’s still active on Lake and we are yet to hear from the news agency regarding her absence from the latest news hearing.

Parler is an American social networking service launched in August 2018 as an alternative to Twitter. The social media platform calls itself an unbiased and a user-driven platform where people can read the news, speak their mind, and control their experience. It’s for that reason it’s gaining some popularity with those that have been banned from other platforms.

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