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The social media network Gab has unveiled an updated product, GabPRO, introducing a paid tier that allows access to a number of features, with prices ranging from 5 to 9 dollars per month depending on the length of the subscription.

The network, which is positioning itself as a champion of free speech, including that protected by the US Constitution's First Amendment, is in this way looking for a way to secure a revenue stream that doesn't suck up all of your personal data – as the dominant social networks do.

The funding of alternative platforms is more relevant given that the social networking scene is dominated by giants and the policies behind them that are unsympathetic towards Gab's brand of free speech.

Those who choose to support the network by becoming members of GabPRO will be able to get verified, create groups, and upload videos up to 1GB in size.

Another benefit is the removal of ads and promoted posts.

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Some of the testimonials from users who have decided to support the network by becoming subscribers highlight the value they see in a place that allows free speech – something seen as a rare commodity in today's social media landscape plagued by restrictions that often raise suspicions of political and ideological bias.

Some of its users willing to vote for the network with their wallets mentioned supporting “alt tech” as their motive – namely, those platforms that represent alternatives to dominant global giants like Facebook and Twitter.

Among Gab's apps and products is the Dissenter browser that, among other things, bypasses restrictions imposed by other sites by allowing users to comment on any article on the internet, as well as blocking invasive ad-tracking.

And, earlier in the year, the network switched to open source for its codebase, becoming a fork of Mastodon. Both these solutions were quickly met with pushback – with app stores banning the app, and Mastodon distancing itself from Gab. In this increasingly hostile environment, GabPRO looks all the more important as a way for the network to monetize and stay afloat.

A social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. All are welcome.

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