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Game streamers are targeted by activists for playing Hogwarts Legacy

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Video game streamers are being targeted and facing calls to stop streaming this week’s new game Hogwarts Legacy for its association with J.K Rowling.

Some are seeing the sales of the games as a referendum on J.K Rowling and her views on women’s rights and modern gender ideology.

Sales put Hogwarts Legacy already on par to be one of the top games of the year and positive reviews have added to the reason streamers want to stream the game. However, reports of streamers being swarmed with negative attention for daring to play the game has become a major factor of the game’s launch.

One of those targeted by trans activists include Shelby of Girlfriend Reviews, who was brought to tears during a livestream because of the constant harassment from activists in the chat.

Girlfriend Reviews is a channel run by Matt and Shelby. The couple were streaming Hogwarts Legacy on Twitch before finding themselves the target of harassment from activists telling them to stop playing the game and that they were bigots for doing so.

Someone has created a website that allows users to see if other Twitch streamers have streamed the new Harry Potter-based game Hogwarts Legacy.

The website, called ‘havetheystreamedthatwizardgame,” appears to have been created so that people opposed to Rowling’s view can unfollow Twitch streamers who have played the game.

“Thank you for this. I don’t feel comfortable with people who support this game and I do NOT want to support people who don’t value my trans friends and family,” a user wrote in response to Sam Gibbs’ tweet about the website.”

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