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Gavin Newsom announces digital IDs for California

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While announcing the 2023/2024 budget proposal, California Gov. Gavin Newsom said that the state will launch a digital ID in “a matter of months,” and that the state will “do it like no other state has done it.”

California has been working on a digital ID, with the state’s DMV receiving permission to test a Digital ID back in 2021.

“Know this, in just a matter of months, we’re finally going to have those digital wallets, where you can get your driver’s license on a digital wallet. And we’re going to do it like no other state has done it. There’s only a few that have. But there’s issues. Ours, we think, it’ll be next level. We’re so excited about what the DMV can look like,” Newsom said.

Not much is known about California’s digital ID plans. However, there are many privacy and civil liberties concerns raised about the push for digital IDs for accessing services.

It is also unclear if the state’s digital ID will be available through Apple or Google Wallet, which was updated with a new feature allowing the storage of digital IDs. The Big Tech giants are pushing for it heavily. So far, only Maryland, Arizona, and Colorado’s digital IDs are available on Apple’s Wallet app. California might choose that approach, but Newsom’s comments indicate that the state is likely going to offer the Digital IDs through a state-operated app, like Florida and Louisiana.

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