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Google deals a huge blow to Huawei, dramatically suspends business deals

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In what could be a way of showing at least some support to the Trump administration Google has temporarily suspended some of its business dealings with Chinese mobile technology company, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.

The suspension covers Google’s undertakings with Huawei that requires the transfer of hardware and software products. Fortunately for Huawei, this does not include open-source products. However, the suspension will also mean that Huawei will forfeit its access to future updates of the Android operating system which runs in most if not all of Huawei’s mobile phone models.

Additionally, Huawei’s upcoming mobile phone products to be released outside of the US will no longer have access to popular Google apps such as Google Play Store and Gmail.

However, Huawei will still be able to access the latest version of the Android operating system provided that the said OS is available through open source license agreement, according to Reuters. These products and services are available free to anybody who wants to use the Android system.

In addition, Google will no longer provide any technical support or collaboration for Android and Google services with Huawei, going forward.

As of the moment, there are still no available details on the Google services that will no longer be supported by Google. This is due to the fact that Attorneys of Huawei are still assessing the effects of the recent US Commerce Department’s actions.

Whether Google’s decision to cut its business ties with Huawei is temporary or permanent, another question here is whether Google’s decision was a result of the Trump administration. The Department recently asked to include Huawei in the trade blacklist to immediately enact restrictions that will make it difficult for Huawei to do business with other US companies.

The US Commerce Department has not issued any information or comment related to the issue.

However, if the temporary suspension is in effect, Google may lose some important business deals with other tech companies well. Both Google and Huawei will suffer and possibly lose a significant amount of money. Huawei is among the top mobile phone companies in Asia and are considered by many to produce some of the best smartphones. It may not be widely used in the US yet but pretty soon, the mobile phone will be a strong contender for the best smartphones in the world.

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