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Google introduces support for digital driver’s licenses, starting in Maryland

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In a move that will further normalize digital IDs, Google is beta testing digital driver’s licenses in its Wallet app. The feature is available on Apple Wallet, which allows users in states like Maryland to present the digital version of their driver’s license.

The “Digital Driver’s License” feature is available for devices running Android 8 or later that have enrolled for the Google Play Services beta program. After enabling Nearby Devices, Bluetooth, and scent lock, users should see the “ID Card (beta)” option.

The feature was announced in May during the company’s developer-oriented I/O keynote. It said Maryland would be the first state to have the feature.

The process of uploading a driver’s license is similar to Apple Wallet. Users are required to scan the front and back of their license, take a short video of their face, submit, and wait for the state to accept the application.

The support for the digital ID was rolled out during December’s system updates, which also included other beta features for Google Wallet, managing payment cards on Fitbit devices, and the Digital Car Key.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, join Reclaim The Net.

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