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After Backlash, Google Reverses Ban on Reform UK Ads During Election Campaign

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Google has reinstated the advertising account of Reform UK, the political party in the United Kingdom previously known as the Brexit Party, following significant public backlash and accusations of “election interference” by party leader Nigel Farage. The decision to suspend the account had been made during a critical phase of the electoral campaign, with less than two weeks until the national vote on July 4th.

Nigel Farage, vocally opposed to the initial ban, had taken to Twitter to condemn Google’s actions, claiming it was an attempt to stifle the party’s message. His tweet stated: “🚨 ELECTION INTERFERENCE ALERT 🚨 Big Tech giant @Google has BLOCKED our Ad Accounts. They are trying to stop the Reform message.” Farage also urged Matt Brittin, President of Google Europe, Middle East, and Africa, to rectify the situation promptly.

The backlash from Farage’s tweet, along with broader public and media scrutiny, appears to have influenced Google’s decision to reactivate Reform UK’s advertising capabilities. This incident has sparked a broader debate about the influence of major technology companies in political processes, especially concerning advertising, free speech, and the urgent timeframes of campaign seasons.

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