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Google removes popular cryptocurrency news apps from Google Play Store

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In a shock move, the Google Play store has removed several cryptocurrency and blockchain news apps from major outlets.

When searching for popular cryptocurrency news apps on the Google Play Store, they no longer show.

We’re getting reports from outlets that Google did not warn them that their apps were going to be removed and the first reports of apps disappearing came it around 2pm Eastern today.

Reclaim The Net has contacted a Google spokesperson for comment on the issue and will update this post with more information as it comes in.

This isn’t the first time that the Google Play store has unexpectedly dropped cryptocurrency-related apps.

Last year Google removed the MetaMask app under their policy related to ban on mining apps, causing frustration within the community.

MetMask maintained that they not perform mining operations on the device and that this is simply an attempt on Google’s part to inhibit the adoption of Web3 standards, citing a previous incident where their Chrome browser extension was also temporarily delisted.

On YouTube, also owned by Google, cryptocurrency content creators have often faced issues of channels and videos being removed without warning – something that has been described by creators as a “war on crypto.”

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