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Google wins lawsuit against South London’s Goooglie Cars, a single-owner taxi cab company

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Global tech giant Google went head-to-head with a cab driver from South London who describes himself as “poor”.

Google was suing Sohail Nagi, the single director for around $12,800, saying that the cab driver has been “unfairly free-riding off its reputation” through the style of his cab company Goooglie Cars, which has a similar color scheme to the tech giant’s logo.

Back in 2012, after weeks of discussion with Google, Nagi agreed to change the colors of his logo to black and used cricket balls in place of the “O”s. The idea, he says, was to represent what is known as a “googly” in cricket, a type of throw or bowl in which the spin of the ball causes it to veer sharply to the leg side of a right-handed batsman.

Google’s lawyer Maxwell Keay said this change hadn’t immediately been made and that, only when Google filed its suit this year, had the logo been changed.

The Judge, Gordon Nurse, ruled in favor of Google, once they company had agreed to cap its registered legal fees as £10,000 – thought to be around half of the true legal fees of the case.

Nagi was yesterday ordered to pay the amount within 28 days and was told that Google could claim against his house if he didn’t pay in time.

In court, Nagi described himself as “poor” and said that it’s hard for him to survive, according to Straight Times.

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