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DC switches off comments on Gotham High trailer after strong backlash

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Entertainment companies in 2020:

Step 1: Purposely create agenda-driven content you know true fans are going to hate

Step 2: Turn off comments so you can’t hear the complaints

Batman fans are in for a rough ride: they may have invested themselves in the character, and their time and money in the franchise over the years, but that doesn’t mean that DC necessarily has any interest in their input.

DC are now accused of taking a leaf out of the Marvel book of disregarding fans’ opinions.

The Gotham High trailer is one of those receiving far fewer upvotes than downvotes – and not only that, but DC has now also decided to turn off the comments.

One can only imagine why.

The creators are accused of wanting to capitalize on the brand, popularity, and name of the name of the superhero, without actually honoring his original nature.

Gotham High is apparently big on diversity and multi-cultural love triangles – but not much else fans expect.

According to Bounding into Comics, the writer, Melissa de la Cruz, admitted to little interest in Batman, but rather as seeing the popular platform as a means of promoting herself and her agenda by infiltrating popular characters and stories, where those agendas would ostensibly resonate far more successfully.

Or indeed, cause a fan backlash.

“I pitched a kind of Gossip Girl Batman, and in my mind I wanted to reinvent Chuck Bass. He’s still Bruce Wayne (…), he still has all that iconic Batman personality,” she said.

In the case of the new Batman graphic novel, the fans seem to have spoken up, at least on YouTube, where their voices in the form of comments are no longer welcome by DC.

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