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Government-Funded Non-Profit Maligns Distrust in Mainstream Media As “Misinformation”

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In a recent report unearthed by the congressional committee on the weaponization of the government, it was found that Meedan, a technology non-profit funded by the federal government, perceives distrust in the mainstream media as a form of “misinformation.”

This tech entity is bolstered by a hefty $5.7 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). They conducted a presentation defining skepticism towards mainstream media as a “misinformation narrative” as evidenced by research documents from the House Judiciary Committee and the dedicated Select Subcommittee on Weaponization.

The Channeling of funds by the NSF towards Meedan’s Co-Insights aims to challenge and ultimately quell the perceived rampant spread of “misinformation” rampant in minority communities.

Meedan has requested an additional fund of a whopping $5 million from public money for the Co-Insights project. The team cataloged “common misinformation narratives” including “fearmongering” and the undermining of trust in mainstream media, as indicated by slides integrated into the House report.

We obtained a copy of the report for you here.

The report also makes references to “interventions” of such “misinformation.”

The long-term ambition of the non-profit leans towards prompting technology platforms to generate an archive of censored content. This “misinformation” data would be accessed by researchers to facilitate the automatic suppression of specified types of speech, as noted by Scott Hale, Meedan’s Director of Research, in a November 2022 email correspondence.

Hale envisioned a scenario where social media platforms could collate all suppressed content into a data enclave that could be accessed by researchers for cumulative analysis and to gauge the efficacy of various automated detection mechanisms.

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