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Great Western Railway Blocks Website Of Group Campaigning For Importance of Biological Sex, Calls It “Terrorism and Hate”

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The website of the advocacy group Sex Matters found itself blocked on a Great Western Railway (GWR) train’s internet network – an echo of an increasing slope into the shadows for those holding beliefs critical of new gender ideology.

Sex Matters identifies itself as a human-rights organization pushing for clarity in laws and policies relating to biological sex. The issue? Their website was flagged for associating with “terrorism and hate,” placing it on a radar no group ever wishes to be on, The Telegraph reported.

According to a fellow passenger aboard the GWR train, attempting to access the advocacy group’s website was met with the message that it was hindered “because it’s associated with the terrorism and hate category.” GWR’s own account of the circumstance took a different slant, stating it was the repeated use of the term “sex” that set their AI scanners on alert, branding the site as “adult” content and ensuing the blockade. However, that doesn’t explain why the message didn’t say that it was blocked on the grounds of it being adult content, and instead said that it was classed as “terrorism and hate.”

While these are the events on the surface, the undercurrent runs deeper, and those familiar with GWR’s supposed automated moderation algorithm can’t help but question how it discerns and filters gender-critical content. Transparency again dwindles; GWR has not confirmed such a directive.

Sex Matters purports to contribute meaningful dialogue in the public sphere. Its mission lies in fostering discussions around biological sex differences and challenges the prevalent gender ideology.

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