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Digital ID Industry Groups Ask Biden To Speed Up Efforts Towards Digital ID

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A powerful alliance of ten US industry associations is pressuring the Biden administration to step up its push to adopt digital IDs, all in the name of preventing identity fraud. The coalition argues that the government’s yearly cybersecurity strategy is too lukewarm to stave off the growing identity theft wave impacting American consumers and the economy. Biden has already signaled support for the introduction of digital ID.

Who’s behind it: The group includes big names like the Better Identity Coalition, US Chamber of Commerce, American Bankers Association, Electronic Transactions Association, and the Software & Information Industry Association. Their message is clear: simple support and education won’t cut it when it comes to fighting the financial drain caused by fraud.

The ask: In their letter, the coalition highlights the “success” of digital ID initiatives in Asia, the EU, and Africa, and urges President Biden to make bold moves in three areas:

Set up a Task Force: They’re pushing for a task force that specializes in fast-tracking the creation and accessibility of tools aimed at thwarting digital ID-related crimes.

Synchronize Identity Credentials: The associations call for a “‘timeboxed’ effort to coordinate activities among authoritative issuers of identity credentials.” They argue that this would pave the way for the development of in-depth, user-friendly resources necessary for the shift to digital IDs.

Elevate NIST’s Role: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) should be given more prominence in the development of identity and attribute validation services, according to the coalition. Although NIST has been active in this field, the coalition believes that heightened attention, coupled with the formulation of standards and best practices, is imperative.

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