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UN Chief António Guterres Advocates for “Sustainable Development Goals” (Including Digital ID) and Enhanced Data Sharing at WEF 2024

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is in Davos these days for the annual World Economic Summit (WEF), and his address at one of the panels has been in keeping with the meeting’s agenda(s) – but also, clearly, those recently forcefully pushed by the world organization.

Among the schemes Guterres spoke about are the UN’s Global Digital Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The first consists of several proposals, including digital ID that is linked to people’s bank accounts, while the second, overarching one, that enjoys the support of some of the world’s most powerful countries, also involves digital ID, and UN’s “vision” of disinformation moderation (also known as censorship).

Guterres said that Global Digital Compact would be a major contributor to what he called “the digital connectivity gap.” Referring to the overall project as multi-stakeholder, the UN chief noted that “AI” would play a role in building the public and private sector’s capability of a “networked governance model.”

More data sharing seems to be at the heart of all this, while in order to keep control over the way “AI” is used in the future, Guterres and his team want to see governments and (private) tech companies work together.

All these initiatives will feature at the “Summit for the Future” this coming September. One idea voiced by Guterres is to make globalist organizations – such as G20, international financial institutions, and the UN itself, even closer.

A recent UN Policy Brief discusses the complex “pyramid” of initiatives, where until now something called “Our Common Agenda” (of which Global Digital Compact is one mechanism) was designed to accelerate Sustainable Development Goals.

Now, there is also the move to bring G20 and others into this play – likened in some reports as an economy-oriented counterpart to UN’s Security Council.

And the fear here becomes the effect it may have on the international banking system – and in the process, of people’s financial liberties. As for the Global Digital Compact, it looks like yet another dystopian iteration of an idea that is cropping up all over the world in different forms.

With digital ID as an unavoidable component, it would create a centralized – therefore easily controlled – network of citizens.

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