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Heartland Institute, censored by YouTube before a broadcast even started, turns to Rumble

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US Heartland Institute think tank is one of the latest to experience YouTube censorship, with the channel getting disabled just as it was about to livestream another of its episodes.

This all happened several days ago, and fortunately for the Institute – whose “sin” is apparently their skepticism toward the climate change narrative, there are alternatives. Namely, programs under the Climate Change Roundtable umbrella are also live streamed elsewhere.

Less significantly, on another social media and tech giant, Facebook, and more importantly, on Rumble, both their competitor.

And it was on Rumble that the video that set off the YouTube censorship machine, as Climate Scientist Judith Curry was a guest, got over 140,000 views.

The Heartland Institute acknowledges that despite recently making big strides, what it refers to as freedom-oriented platform such as Rumble and BitChute still have a long way to go in, as it were, “wrestling the corporate video monster” that is YouTube.

So while no longer an event capable of annihilating an organizations’ or a projects’ video presence in the world, YouTube bans are still very much a thing that hurts those at the other end of the censorship stick – especially if they see no proper justification in it.

The Institute tends to focus on daily live broadcasts about environment and energy policies, but it takes those of independent nature, that do not fit with official government narratives, which YouTube seems to wholeheartedly share.

And these it continues to vigorously act to suppress, where the US government, for constitutional restrains, cannot directly do.

The Institute’s goal seems to be providing what any good debate in truly democratic society must welcome – an alternative point of view to what it sees as “mainstream media” propelling alarmist climate story-lines – and do that backed up arguments provided by specialists like Dr. Curry.

YouTube, however, for the umpteenth time, proved that the plurality of opinion is not high, if at all on its agenda.

Meanwhile, on Rumble, the contentious video is available with the following description: “Climate Goals vs. Human Well-Being: A LIVE Discussion with Dr. Judith Curry.”

“(…) You don’t want to miss your opportunity to listen to this GIANT of the climate science community talk about what is really happening to the climate, and why the alarmism fueling the ‘solutions’ to climate change are going to make life worse for everyone on the planet.”

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