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Hong Kong vaccine passport update now connects all checkpoint data to centralized government server

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The Hong Kong government will now require premises that are forced to check vaccination status, like restaurants, to have an internet connection. The premises have two weeks to update their QR Code Verification Scanners to make sure it can connect to the internet, according to Deputy Government Chief Information Officer Tony Wong.

“During this [updating] process, premises can first use visual inspection to see if people present an amber health code for scanning, or even whether there are people holding a red health code. But of course, the main responsibility falls on the visitors themselves,” he said.

Wong added that even after the update, the QR code scanner can still check for someone’s vaccination status even when they have a hard copy QR code or do not have the latest version of the city’s Covid tracking app LeaveHomeSafe.

The new update means that customers who visit a location will have their data sent to a centralized government server.

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