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Hoaxed documentary review: a great exploration of how the news media manipulate the world we’re living in for profit and influence

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Hoaxed is a documentary directed by Scooter Downey and Johan A. du Toit, and produced by Mike Cernovich. The piece has a surprising amount of polish. It opens feeling like a work about a long since understood historical event, like an examination of Waco. The presentation is professional, engaging, and smooth.

Shots of weaponry are used throughout the production to highlight the rising tensions within the American public. Tragedies of all sorts are discussed on the program, from white men shooting up black churches, to Islamic terror attacks, and to black men shooting up white churches. This work doesn’t promote extremism at all; instead, it’s honest about the presence of difficulties within the American public.

Through this brave approach Hoaxed is able to capture touching moments like when a high ranking Black Lives Matter activist was exposed to a black on white mass shooting. Instead of trying to work around ideals, or to debate the judicial system, the activist was allowed to speak his position. After this position was listened to and validated, the person filming then handed the activist his phone, on which the stories of both the white on black mass shooting and the black on white mass shooting, were loaded. After reading the information and considering it for himself the activist had a completely different attitude.

Once he was given the information for himself the activist stated that the motivations for both of the shootings were racist motivations. Everyone can be a victim of evil people. That’s the truth, and when data is allowed to move freely, this is what everyone understands. Throughout the documentary, this is shown time and time again, as it is division that breeds hostility, never conversation.

The media isn’t interested in peace, though. Hostility and tension are profitable, just as war is profitable. Riots provide footage for weeks, if not months, and the fear of such activities allows the media to peddle whatever paranoiac narratives that they want. Once people are afraid it’s easy for the media to maintain viewer engagement.

This is why everyone from Tim Pool to Jordan Peterson needs to be labeled as a Nazi. The National Socialist population in America is a select minority of people, and they do not have much pull within society, as mainstream society considers the Nazi movement absolutely abhorrent. That’s doesn’t make for interesting news coverage, though.

So, instead, the media claims that anyone who is doing better than them in terms of views and ratings is a Nazi. This is why Pool must be labeled a Nazi, along with Joe Rogan, Lauren Southern, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Carl Benjamin, and even individuals such as Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie). There is no ideology connecting these people, the only thing that they have in common is that they are all powerful and influential people that have respectable audiences. The media doesn’t attack them because these people are their enemies, but because they are their competitors.

This logic also applies to their treatment of Trump, Bolsonaro, and the nationalist-populist movements spreading across Europe. Instead of covering any of these individuals or movements honestly, it is much easier, and much more profitable, for them to spin their progressive narratives.  If they were honest about how respectable and well-intentioned their opposition was then they’d receive little to no support.

Unfortunately, this leaves a huge divide within the news world. As video journalism is how most people learn about the news, the majority of the public is dependent on the voices of others to inform them. Every reporter has their own bias, but for years it has been shown that Fox offers more balanced coverage than CNN, and the other liberal outlets. Interestingly, this echoes the discussion of the Golden Age of journalism had within Hoaxed.

The documentary provides a retrospective on the Golden Age, around the 1950s, and shows that although it wasn’t as idealized as people make it out to be, that it was a solid era. The news was kept informative, both sides of arguments were represented, and editorializing was kept within the editorial section. Papers still had a bias, but that bias was slightly conservative. Still, the liberal positions were always represented and rarely turned into straw men.

It was during the 60s that things would start to change. In the colleges, the socialists and the Marxists were planning to weave their way into the fabric of American society. One of their targets was the education system, and another was the arts. Intellectuals served to make hideous things, such as communism, into easily digestible and shareable phrases that spread around the youth. Included among the industries that these socialists targeted was the newspaper industry.

Ironic in an era where the progressives call everything fake news, it was actually their invasion and politicizing of the news that created the modern crawl towards pushing fake news. In the 50s the focus was on reporting, the individual and their opinions weren’t as important as fair coverage of whatever was occurring. As the decades progressed what was published couldn’t become further from the truth.

Now this perversion of the medium can be easily observed through the treatment of the victims of terrorist attacks and people caught in the collateral damage caused by wars. When a terrorist rams a car into a crowd of people, or when they blow themselves up and kill children and other innocents, no bodies are allowed to be shown. The figures behind the media that dominates our culture don’t think it’s proper to show such graphic scenes of Westerns being murdered. They blur out the bodies in their coverage of minors.

However, whenever they want to raise support for refugees, the liberal media is quick to trot out footage and images of dead children, children who have been disfigured, and other such horrific imagery without any sort of blur. Whenever there is something that can be said to be the West’s fault then gore is on the front page, and the liberal media is unashamed to parade around any damage possibly caused by Western intervention. They have no interest in covering the news, or in representing the people, they have an interest in sowing division and in selling fear.

Several voices featured in Hoaxed have had experiences with the media that have been so absurd they seem literally Orwellian. While in the middle of on-the-ground reporting in Sweden, Tim Pool was approached by the police. They asked him to leave, stating that if he didn’t that there would be problems soon and he wouldn’t be safe. Pool then followed directions and left the area, filming the police car that was following him on his way out. Once Pool published this the Swedish media immediately went to work.

First, the police claimed that Pool was lying and that they had no report of asking him to leave the area, or of escorting him out. The media doubled down on this and spread the news that Pool was being dishonest about his experience in Sweden. On a show that had booked Pool before the incident with the police, Pool was then asked on that show in English what happened, and he explained his side of the story.

He had been filming and reporting when police approached him then escorted him away from the scene. After he said this the anchor then turned away from Pool and said in Swedish that he claimed to be escorted by the police, but that the police had a different story. This member of the media had essentially called Pool a liar to his face on her own program, hiding behind the barrier of language to make her attack.

The story of Jordan Peterson is a well-known one, and that man has taken on the battle of a generation. A decade ago he was just a Canadian professor, but now he’s one of the most popular and well-paid intellectuals currently living. This path towards becoming an icon was one that was littered with hardship and opposition. From the very beginning, Peterson has been painted an unfeeling, racist, and volatile figure. The left has always claimed that he aimed to hurt alternative communities, that he wanted to take away rights from transsexuals, and that he had no backing to his arguments other than hate.

What actually happened with Peterson is that he opposed a bill being passed in the Canadian Parliament that put into law protections for transsexuals against being misgendered. It was this bill that Peterson opposed, as he saw it as an encroachment on freedom of speech. The progressives do not mention that but focus on painting him as a mean man who doesn’t want transsexuals to feel comfortable within society.

These are the same people who forced colleges and other venues to cancel events featuring Milo Yiannopoulos because of the violent protests they would throw anywhere he showed up. They are quick to warn about the rising violence and bigotry in America, but never question if they themselves might be the cause, if not the perpetrators, of such actions.

Over the last couple of decades, this has been the environment fostered in the news. The Golden Era of journalism was created and maintained by strong conservative voices who knew when to keep their opinions to themselves, and how to represent their opposition with respect. They made the news industry into an integral part of American society as it was reliable, interesting, and honest. Over the 50s thousands of American families would find themselves making the news a part of their lives.

It was after this trust was earned by the people who put in the work to validate the technology that progressives came into taking part in the production of news. They did not build public trust or the institutions that the public grew to love. Instead, they capitalized on established papers and interests that were already there, and slowly warped everything in the industry as according to their ideology.

Now they’re at a point where they can float a story, such as Trump colluding with Russia, for three years without any evidence or developments in that story. That is the majority of this presidential term that the progressives bluntly lied and fed that nonsense to the American public. If things stay as they are, this means that the journalists have no respect for honesty or truth.

Hoaxed brings up spirituality while addressing this issue. It is true that the majority of journalists during the Golden Age had a Christian background. The Western tradition has always been indebted to Jerusalem and Athens. A belief in good and a belief in truth are paramount to a functional society, or else there isn’t anything for the society to be connected through. We must believe in good ourselves, and believe that our fellow countrymen also believe in good, to truly engage in honest discourse.

If we do not then we are left with the progressive media, which paints all of their opinions in gold, and all of their dissidents in Nazi paraphernalia. They don’t practice good, but superiority. They don’t run their lives in accordance with becoming the best version of themselves, but to suffocate anything they disagree with.

These children in the seats of great men have ruined the technology that America used to rely on. There is no way to repair the news industry from the damage that the progressives have caused, at least not the old media. From The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal all of the legacy media has proved to be more motivated by their own interest than they are to spread information. The news that they produce isn’t to inform the public but to indirectly wage war with whoever disagrees with them.

Conservatives have been on the losing end of this progressive development of the news industry, but that is why they have such a bright future. The internet is bringing a wrecking ball to all established brands and media. As news is transformed the voices that represent real people get popular because views dominate, not networks. This means that Steven Crowder, Mike Cernovich, Alex Jones, and Gavin McInnes are allowed to garner popularity, even though they are diametrically opposed to the progressive status quo.

It is through the internet and their audiences that this new wave of creators and journalists are finding their place, and there are many more healthy conservative voices coming out of that demographic than were allowed to exist under the hegemonic censorship that the left had subtly enforced over the journalistic sphere previously. Hoaxed is a victory because it gives this plethora of voices and perspectives a respectable presentation. Gone is the era where only the establishment can publish information. Now people can prove who they are. We are migrating away from lies.

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