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Hong Kong news outlet Apple Daily is under DDoS attack after protest coverage

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One of Hong Kong’s largest news outlets, Apple Daily has been hit with a strong DDoS attack in the wake of its reporting on the Hong Kong protests that have gripped the nation and the world.

Hong Kong is currently experiencing massive protests from those wanting to stop extraditions to mainland China. Yesterday, it was reported that China were behind a large DDoS attack against the communication app Telegram and its servers in an attempt to suppress communication about the protests and to prevent protesters from communicating and organizing.

Apple Daily, a Hong Kong news outlet that has been reporting on the protests today announced that they are experiencing a DDOS attack which they believe is an attempt to try and suppress their reporting on the protests.

According to the newspaper, that’s been in operation since 1995, their information technology department has said that people can’t successfully log into their news app in order to get updates on the protests.

Apple Daily said that it’s working on withstanding the attack and getting the system online.

The company has stated that no user data has been compromised or lost during the attack.

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