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Hong Kong police to deploy “opinion tracker” tech to curb online “misinformation”

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Hong Kong Police will deploy technology to help stop rumors and “misinformation” about the force. The news was announced by assistant commissioner of police Joe Chan Tung, who is the head of the new public relations wing.

Chan said that one of the main priorities of the public relations wing is identifying rumors as early as possible with the help of a public opinion tracking system. According to Chan, rumors and misinformation about the police has deteriorated the relations between the public and the police.

“Even one piece of fake news is too many,” he said, via the South China Morning Post. “If we don’t handle it in a timely, active and serious manner, it can have a serious impact on society and residents.”

“I will lead the new public relations wing to actively push forward our public relations strategies, and cope with the challenges brought by technological advances and changes in society,” he added.

Another role of the new public relations wing will be “telling good stories” about the police and the government. The new wing will also try to instill values and a national identity sense in young people by carrying out more activities in the community and using new technology, like virtual and augmented reality.

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