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IMPACT Wrestling banned from Twitch after Rob Van Dam’s “WILD Celebration Party” segment

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Twitch has banned popular professional wrestling federation IMPACT Wrestling after a Rob Van Dam segment appeared to violate Twitch’s terms of service for being sexually suggestive.

The segment is available as an age-gated clip on YouTube and shows Van Dam sitting on a bed while he kisses and celebrates with his girlfriend and her girlfriend.

Twitch’s policy has long indicated that “sexually suggestive” is prohibited on the platform and has, in the recent past, enforced this policy to varying degrees.

When fans go looking for the channel, here’s the message they’re greeted with.

Many have accused Twitch of being more lenient with some of its biggest streamers but IMPACT Wrestling was a big player on the platform and had renewed its agreement with Twitch back in July of 2019 – yet Twitch has been swift to remove the group from the platform.

Twitch has been a popular outlet for IMPACT Wrestling for a few years and before Twitch, the common way to watch IMPACT was on the Pursuit Channel.

Even after IMPACT got a TV deal with AXS TV, Twitch was still a popular way for fans to keep up with the shows if they didn’t have cable or preferred the online stream.

While bans of this nature are usually permanent, it’s yet to be seen if Twitch will be more lenient with IMPACT as they’re such a big partner.

Here is the offending segment:

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IMPACT Plus is still available on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV and more.

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