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Instagram bans filmmaker Maggie VandenBerghe

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Update June 23, 2021: Instagram has reinstated VandenBerghe’s account, suggesting to filmmaker Sean Campbell that it was removed in error.

The original post follows: 

Instagram banned the account of filmmaker Maggie VandenBerghe, who makes videos that have often gone viral and been featured on The Blaze and Fox News. She was banned from the Facebook-owned platform shortly after reposting a tweet by another conservative journalist and writer, Jack Posobiec.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Instagram confirmed the ban, saying VandenBerghe account was removed for “exceeding the number of violations we allow.” However, the platform did not specify what rules the filmmaker had violated.

She was banned shortly after reposting a tweet by Posobiec; a story in the Washington Examiner about the death of Christopher Sign, the journalist who first broke the story about Bill Clinton’s meeting with Loretta Lynch, a former AG, in 2016.

In a statement to Breitbart News, VandenBerghe, who had 220k followers on Instagram, accused Instagram of communism:

“For years everyone has contributed to these social media platforms, under the pretext that they were going to allow freedom of speech — but they clearly are against conservatives speaking freely. This is how communists operate. They seek to silence those who expose them.

“I have broken major stories over the past three years. I have used social media as a means to get these videos & stories trending with millions of views and ultimately finding their way onto mainstream media networks.

“These are stories that likely won’t be covered by the mainstream media and would also likely never be seen were it not for the viral nature created by social media. This is how independent journalists like me get the truth out.”

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