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Instagram deletes @bestmemes with 14 million followers after posting fake Trump/Obama PayPal giveaway

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With nearly 14 million followers to date, @bestmemes was one Instagram’s most popular meme accounts – but it’s now suspended from the platform for posting fake giveaways.

The meme account posted fake tweet screenshots of President Trump and President Obama about a $1000 giveaway.

The fake tweets posted by @bestmemes directed users to a campaign that promised to deposit $1000 dollars in return for completing a #StayAtHome survey.

“Due to the CoronaVirus, if your state is currently under lockdown you are eligible for $1000 via @PayPal by completing the #StayAtHome survey. Stay strong everyone,” read the tweets, alongside an image of a PayPal balance that displayed $1448.71, to serve as an indication of receiving the $1000 amount.

The Instagram posts also featured a link which led to a survey landing page that hosted a three-question survey asking for the email address of users.

Naturally, the post attracted thousands of likes; but shortly, the image and the link redirecting to the survey disappeared.

As of this Monday morning, the whole account is now wiped off the Instagram platform.

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